Just your average shapeshifting 'mon. Oh right... That's anything but average.


((Okay, I’ve done some thinking and changed things up a bit.  I’ve decided to drop the “interactive story” thing where every RP and stuff would need to be canon and part of the world for one.  Now I’ll label stuff as non-canon that doesn’t really fit with the world or whatever so it doesn’t mess up my story.  This means that stuff like the interaction rules with no legendaries and all are gone.

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"Nice to meet you Shrike! Yeah I’m pretty stealthy! I didn’t even know there were guards guarding the area~! Hehehe~! I never got shot once! And I’m actually completely lost with no idea of where I am! I don’t even know wott to do now…" I say to Shrike, looking up at the sky as I wondered for a few seconds before staring at Shrike in the eye.

"Thanks for the welcome by the way! Oh! And here’s my adopted son Michael~!" I cry out as I take out the Eevee from my Treasure Bag, holding my son in my paws.

He cries out, “Eevee~!” while smiling and flailing his tail around like I do, the kit smiles at Shrike with a kitty face as I place my son on the ground next to me.

"Yeah!… And I still don’t know wott to do…" I say to Shrike, placing a paw behind my head and giving him a sheepish smile.

((Hehehe~ Yeah x3 That’ll be awesome, thanks :3))

"What to do?  Ah, well…  For now, I suppose I can take you to the inn?" Shrike’s more than a bit confused by all this, what a strange Pokemon…  He begins walking down one of the streets leading away from the town center, making sure Matthew was alongside him.  It wasn’t long until they came to a large door, a wooden sign hanging from a post saying that it was the "Woodcutter’s Rest".

Shrike pushes open the door and leads Matthew inside.  As it was the middle of the day it was quiet, for now, but the large number of tables spread throughout the room around a circular fire pit at the center betrayed how busy it would later be.  “You can rent out a room here to stay while you’re in town.  Otherwise if you need work, the logging camps are out south beyond the wall.  They’re always in need of able bodies there.”

Shrike glanced around for a moment before giving a small nod.  “Now, ah, if you’ll excuse me…  I need to be getting home now.”

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((Shrike, Shrike buddy!!, I have the perfect companion for you! *thosses Shadow into your world* You can keep him! *runs*))

((TH-THIS IS NOT THE KIND OF COMPANION I NEED! DX  Oh dear what have you done…))

((I’ve added a new information page, The World of Varlaja!  This provides some non-spoiler information about the setting and will be updated as a farther develop and flesh things out!  Note that things such as names are always subject to change until I actually use that name in a plot post, after which it will be locked in.))



I run on the roof of one of the buildings in town, hopping from one roof to another as I scan the area around me occasionally, storing wott I saw into my brain. The architecture of this town is well built… I think, seeing all the fountains pouring out fresh, clear water with the bird Pokemon such as Pidgey perching themselves upon the rim of the stone fountains.

I lick my lips to moisten it, adjusting my glasses on my face as I hear a few munching sounds, the source from my Treasure Bag. I open it, finding my son Michael eating a few Pecha Berries stored inside along with the rest of the junk I keep in there, “Hey don’t eat all of it~! Hehehehe~!” I say to him. 

"Eee!" the Eevee exclaims, finishing the Pecha Berry he was eating as he smiled up at me, wagging his tail as always.

I smile wide back at my son as I close my bag in order to advance through the town, I decide to obtain more info about this place since it seemed lively, and learning about one’s location would be best when one travels through a foreign land.

I spot a Jolteon equipped with goggles, and a red scarf that seems stylish in my opinion. I notice his paws, white… I guess that it must be some sort of mutation or something… I thought. I hop down from the rooftop down in front of the Eeveelution, a huge smile on my face as I landed on my front paws first, then my back paws landing after.

My tail flails around energetic while I greet the Jolteon, “Hewwo sir! I’m Matthew~! Wott is your name~? And may you inform me on our location, like tell me about the town please! Maybe a tour would be sufficient too if you wouldn’t mind~!”

The Jolteon’s taken aback as a Luxray drops down in front of him, reeling backwards.  After the initial surprise he raises a brow, giving Matthew a curious look.  “…Were you on the roofs?  I’m surprised a guard didn’t shoot you…”  He gestures up towards a tall guard post towering over the cramped buildings in the town.  “They’re scattered all throughout town and along the wall, typically manned by one or two Pokemon armed with either longbows or crossbows depending on their strength.”  With a flat voice he gave a shrug and commented, “Either you’re stupidly lucky or stupidly stealthy.”

"But whatever, my name’s Shrike; welcome to Woodfair, Varlaja’s most prosperous and boring logging town.  …Did you get on the roofs both without getting shot and without knowing that?  Stupidly impressive, perhaps…  I was sort of on my way home and aren’t really a tour guide, but I guess I can direct you to…  Wherever you want to go.  Got some place in mind?

((I think I’ll write something up to give a brief overview of geography and the world after all, would be kind of silly to always be meeting people who have no idea where they are haha.))

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((So will RPs include asks and reblogging your plot posts?))

((Ah, doesn’t really matter to me how an RP is started.  Ask, reblog, even replying or fanmail if they’re available…  Once started just reblogging back and forth would probably be the easiest to keep track of and seems to be the usual way ask blogs do it.

Hope you don’t mind if I publish this so others can see!))


The sound of his heart drumming in his chest and his heavy, panicked breaths; it was all the Zorua could hear as he ran through the trees as fast as he could.  The goggles on his head slipped and jostled about while his long, red, seemingly over-sized scarf almost tripped the small Pokemon as his paws beat at the ground.

"Get away, get away!" he thought to himself, not daring to risk a glance behind.  Tears streamed from his eyes as he burst through the edge of the trees and into a grassy field with a sharp breath of relief.  Not far away he could see the open gates of a town, Zorua tearing through the field and onto the road leading up to the gate.  "Almost…  There!"

The Zorua almost rolled over himself as he stumbled through the gate, drawing a curious glance from the Watchog gatekeeper.  He quickly recovered and hopped to his feet, shakily stumbling deeper into the town and giving a first look behind him.  Nothing.  Whatever he was running from was gone, and he was safe.

The Zorua collapsed on the street to collect his breath, resting for a good few minutes before looking around.  His panicked entrance had drawn a few looks, but as the surrounding Pokemon realized he was looking back they turned away and resumed their business.  The Zorua shook his head as he stood up again, slowly walking along until he emerged into the town center.  It wasn’t anything fancy, not compared to the large, extravagant capital cities at the center of each hold.  Just a fountain with some trees around to make a small, circular park, closed in by tightly packed wood and stone buildings.

Zorua wandered over to the fountain and dipped his paws in, splashing water over his face before reaching up to fix his lopsided goggles.  Taking a few steps back he glanced around, his eyes finally settling on a group of Eevee kicking a ball between themselves.  The Zorua’s eyes went wide as he saw them, his heartbeat rising once more.

Immediately he was off again, running out of the plaza and into a small alley behind buildings.  Just as his body began to glow white, his heart beating faster and faster as if it was going to burst out of his chest, he spun around and turned into an even narrower side alley.  It was completely abandoned, but still the Zorua ducked behind a stack of crates.  He was lighting up brilliantly now, his whole body enveloped in a white glow.  It was hard to see, but beneath the glow one could barely make out that the Zorua’s shape was changing, shifting.  It took less than a minute in all, and by the time the glow began to fade it was clear the Zorua was no longer there.

In his place stood a Jolteon, gritting his teeth and shaking on his unusual white paws as the transformation subsided.  He wore the same goggles and now much better fitting scarf as before, but otherwise he looked completely different.  After a moment passed he finally let out a sigh and stumbled out of the alley and back into the plaza, glancing around slowly before a smile spread across his face.

"Home sweet home…"